Marketing Accelerator Course


The Marketing Accelerator Course is a unique offering, curated by James, an experienced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) with over two decades of diverse industry experience. James’ multifaceted expertise provides him with a comprehensive and unique viewpoint on marketing strategies and techniques.


Developed by a Chief Marketing Officer

James, a respected Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), infuses the course with a high degree of professionalism and excellence recognized by the industry. His academic credentials, including a Communications degree from the University of Lincoln and a Postgraduate diploma from The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM), further enhance the course content.

What truly distinguishes this course is James’ fervor for teaching. Beyond being a marketing expert, he is a certified educator (PTTLS qualification). He has skillfully integrated his pedagogical abilities with his vast marketing knowledge to design a course that is both educational and captivating.

Embark on this three-week journey where James will share his insights, experiences, and tried-and-tested marketing strategies. This course is not just a learning opportunity; it’s a chance to gain a mentor in the marketing field.

Marketing Accelerator Course

Session 1: Marketing Planning

Part 1

Professional Development

  • The role and importance of marketing planning
  • Key components of a marketing plan
Part 2

Developing a Marketing Plan

  • Step-by-step guide to creating a marketing plan
  • Case studies of effective marketing plans

Session 2: Strategic Marketing Planning

Part 1

Understanding Strategic Marketing

  • Difference between marketing planning and strategic marketing planning
  • Difference between marketing planning and strategic marketing planning - The role of strategic marketing in an organisation
Part 2

Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan

  • How to conduct a SWOT analysis
  • Setting marketing objectives and KPIs
  • Choosing the right marketing strategies

Session 3: Progressing to a Marketing Manager Role

Part 1

Understanding the Role of a Marketing Manager

  • Key responsibilities and skills of a marketing manager
  • The transition from a marketing executive to a marketing manager
Part 2

Developing Leadership Skills

  • Importance of leadership skills in a marketing manager role
  • Tips and strategies for developing leadership skills

Accelerate your marketing career with our marketing accelerator course

The course is run over 6 weeks meetings every Thursday evening online. This allows you to meet
like-minded marketing professionals and learn from each other. If you are a marketing professional and are ready to take your career to the next level, then contact us today to find out more about our mentoring programme.

Upskill & Development

  • Develop your strategic marketing skills
  • Gain confidence in your abilities
  • Improve your communication and presentation skills

Career Growth

  • Advance your career
  • Develop new skills
  • Learn from experienced mentors

Programme benefits

  • Personalised mentorship
  • 6 weeks of instructions
  • Receive CV Advice, Feedback & Guidance

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