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Marketing Director Programme: 6 Weeks to Mastering the CMO Role

Are you aspiring to become a Marketing Director or Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)?

Our comprehensive CPD-Accredited Marketing training course is designed and delivered by James, an experienced Chief Marketing Officer with over two decades of hands-on experience across diverse industries. His expertise spans a broad spectrum of sectors, providing you with a holistic perspective on marketing strategies and techniques essential for reaching the pinnacle of your career.

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), James brings unparalleled professionalism and industry recognised excellence to the course. His academic prowess, including a Communications degree from the University of Lincoln and a Postgraduate diploma from The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM), enriches the course content with up-to-date knowledge and insights.

What truly sets this course apart is James’ dedication to mentoring and his ability to seamlessly integrate his teaching expertise with his extensive marketing knowledge. In addition to being an accomplished marketer, he holds a PTLLS qualification. James crafts an immersive learning journey that is both informative and engaging, making this course truly exceptional.

Embark on this six-week journey with us as James shares his insights, experiences, and proven marketing strategies. This course isn’t just about learning, it’s also an opportunity to gain a mentor in the field of marketing and expand your network.

Our program is crafted to support your career development every step of the way, offering tailored guidance and expertise to navigate the marketing career ladder effectively. Join us and unlock the door to your future as a successful Chief Marketing Officer or Marketing Director.

Course overview

Week 1

Personal Development

  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses as a marketing professional
  • Set goals and create a personal development plan
  • Develop leadership skills and the ability to inspire and motivate a team
  • Time management techniques and prioritisation
Week 2


  • Learn how to develop relationships with peers, mentors, and industry leaders
  • Techniques for effective networking and building a professional brand
  • Create a network of support for your career growth and development.
Week 3

Conflict Resolution

  • Discover different conflict resolution styles
  • Techniques for managing and resolving conflict in the workplace
  • Strategies for dealing with different colleagues, clients or vendors
  • Imposter syndrome and how to combat those feelings
Week 4

Digital Marketing

  • Understanding the latest trends and innovations in digital marketing
  • Developing a digital marketing strategy
  • Implementing digital marketing campaigns effectively
Week 5

Branding & Communications

  • Developing a strong brand identity
  • Crafting effective marketing messages
  • Communicating with stakeholders effectively
Week 6

Data-Driven Marketing

  • Understand data analytics and how to use them to inform marketing decisions
  • Implementing a data-driven marketing strategy
  • Measuring and analysing marketing campaigns

Marketing Director Programme: 6 Weeks to Mastering the CMO Role

From Marketing Manager to CMO: 6-Week Virtual Programme to help elevate your marketing career

Upskill & Development

  • Develop your strategic marketing skills
  • Gain confidence in your abilities
  • Improve your communication and presentation skills

Career Growth

  • Advance your career
  • Develop new skills
  • Learn from experienced mentors

Programme benefits

  • Personalised mentorship
  • 6 weeks of instructions
  • Receive CV Advice, Feedback & Guidance

Key Information

  • Wednesday Evenings
  • Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Time: 2 Hours a Week
  • Virtual Tutor-led
  • £499 only
Next start date

31 July 2024, 6.30-8.30

Marketing Course

Transform your marketing career


candidates achieved a significant skill improvement compared to their baseline knowledge before starting the course.


of candidates have expanded their professional network following the course


increase in conflict management resolution, equipping candidates with essenital tools to navigate workplace challenges.


satisfaction rate, reflecting the value and positive impact the Marketing Launchpad Programme delivers

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What Does a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Do?

A Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a pivotal figure responsible for directing a company’s marketing efforts. CMOs lead marketing teams or departments, manage marketing budgets, and oversee various promotional activities. They focus on enhancing the company’s public image while driving sales and profitability.

Key Responsibilities of a CMO Include:

  • Leading and managing marketing teams.
  • Developing and executing marketing strategies aligned with organisational goals.
  • Conducting market research to understand consumer behaviour and preferences.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to implement integrated marketing campaigns.
  • Managing brand positioning and ensuring consistency across all marketing materials.
  • Analysing marketing performance data and making data-driven decisions.
  • Staying updated on industry trends and fostering innovation for competitive advantage.

What are the differences between a CMO and a marketing director

The roles of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Marketing Director share similarities but also have distinct differences in their scope, responsibilities, and strategic focus within an organisation:

  • CMO: The CMO typically holds a more strategic and executive-level position. They are responsible for setting the overall marketing vision and strategy aligned with the organisation’s goals. CMOs often have a broader scope of responsibilities, including overseeing brand management, market research, product development and overall marketing performance.
  • Marketing Director: While also involved in strategic planning, Marketing Directors tend to focus more on implementing and managing specific marketing initiatives and campaigns. They can work closely with the CMO to execute the established marketing strategy and may have a more hands-on role in day-to-day marketing operations.

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